ABO-Group organises training sessions for cities and towns

ABO-Group organises training sessions for cities and towns in each province during which themes as soil claims, earth-moving, asbestos and archaeology are being treated. The first training took place in Antwerp on Thursday February 19th 2015. Similar training sessions will be organised in the coming weeks for Limburg and East and West Flanders. Contact us for more information.


Civil servants in cities and towns often have to deal with treating and coordinating environmental issues such as claims, earth-moving and asbestos. In order to update and clarify certain procedures, ABO-Group organised a training session in the five Flemish provinces, specifically targeting civil servants of cities and towns. Regulations concerning earth-moving were explained and, more particularly, the possible role of a local government commissioning earth-moving works. Special attention was drawn to a couple of aspects, resulting from the technical, report that need to be taken into account when drawing up the specifications for conducting earth-moving works. We expanded on the accelerated procedure within the ‘Soil Decree’ and on how to handle and follow-up on claims, more specifically with the town in the role of competent authority. Next, we tackled the asbestos problem explaining what asbestos is, what its applications were and in which forms it occurs. We also explained what to do in case of the presence of asbestos, which monitoring activities to undertake and which precautions to take when removing asbestos.
Finally, we introduced our newest archaeology section. With the modified regulations and obligations on archaeological research, the role of certified archaeologists has changed since January 1st 2015. As a certified archaeological consultancy, ABO proposes a couple of methods and techniques that allow for a pragmatic manner in which to conduct the obligatory archaeological preliminary investigation. The expertise of our broad team of experts can also be called upon for more detailed archaeological investigations. Our training session reached participants from over 100 cities and towns, all of whom welcomed this transparent, instructive and pleasant presentation.

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