Archaeology and heritage

The region of Flanders has a rich historical and cultural past. Archaeologists are able to understand and (partially) reconstruct the past, by interpreting the remaining structures and soil formation processes in the underground. With each notable disruption of the sub-soil or historic building, the Flemish Heritage Agency (Agentschap Onroerend Erfgoed) will compel for an archaeological investigation to be carried out. Archaeological surveys can therefore take place in allotment projects, buildings projects and all types of ground relocation projects.

The new Immovable Heritage Decree (Onroerend Erfgoed Decreet), demands an evaluation of the archaeological and heritage potential of an area or a historic building before approving a building or restoration permit. This archaeological research can only be executed by certified archaeologists or experts.

ABO provides every step in the process, including consultancy, fieldwork and report writing:

  • Zoöarcheologisch onderzoekConsultancy, desktop research and reports (archeologie nota)
  • Archaeological evaluations based on drilling and geoarchaeology
  • Buildings archaeology & heritage  consultancy
  • Evaluation without soil disruption and without intervention in the ground (fieldwalking and geophysical research)
  • Evaluation with soil disruption (trenches and test pits)
  • Excavation (rural and urban context)
  • Artefact studies and Zooarchaeology