Sustainability and spatial planning

For many years, ABO has invested in sustainability studies and spatial planning. ABO wants to support its clients in their ambitions with regard to natural resource use and environmental sustainability.

The lack of space in Flanders represents a huge challenge, at present as well as in the future. An intelligent and efficient use of this space which takes into account the various aspects such as sustainability, economy, sociology, environment, hydrology, geography, demography, etc. will bring about a healthy and productive environment for all of us.

ABO can count on a team of experts to contribute proactively from the initial design phase onwards in order for the project to be realised in a sustainable and socially acceptable manner within its environment.

  • Eco-friendly construction and sustainable development (BREEAM audits and assessments)
  • GHG accounting and carbon footprints
  • Life cycle assessment (LCA)
  • Urban ecology and sustainable property management
  • Urban planning assessments and environmental assessments
  • Rehabilitation studies of brownfields and end-of-life sites